Genealogy Ameland

Do your relatives come from Ameland?

Much research has been done into the history of Ameland. Especially in the field of genealogy - as they say compile family trees - many people have been studying the archives for hours on end.

We, Pieter Jan and Tineke Borsch, have been trying to put all this data, covering hundreds of years, in one big pool.

The so-called Ameland-family consists of over 92,000 members at the moment. It is our hobby to search for new data, new contacts and the Ameland history. We have been doing so for 40 years now and the Ameland-family is getting more and more interesting as more people and more stories are added to the pool. Not only from today, but even more so from former times. It goes without saying that we still lack lots of data. Everybody is invited to ring or write, asking if he/she is recorded as a member of the large family, or may be entered as one.

As an extra service we offer to print out your pedigree, i.e. all your Ameland ancestors. We can print this, format A4; an index is included. This may add up to 5 or even over 300 pages, all depending on the size of the family and the number of generations that lived on Ameland.

But an ancester-card is also possible. This means that most ancestors, in some cases as many as twelve generations (1+2+4+8+16+32+64+ ect. persons) are reproduced. So as far back as great-grandparents or even further. All of them Ameland people whose blood and genes you possess. For family-meetings a reproduction of the whole family is essential, of course. It stands to reason that in these cases we shall require a fee.

So should you have anything to add to our files or have any questions, let us hear from you

Our adress is:
P.J. Borsch, E. de Vriesstraat 12, 9161 CE Hollum Ameland
tel.: 0519-554719

e-mail: pj.borsch(A)